This small town is crowdfunding a full-scale Enterprise space ship

A small Canadian town called Vulcan has banded together to build the ultimate tribute to popular sci-fi TV franchise Star Trek: a full-sized version of the starship Enterprise.

And the town only needs to hit its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign goal of CA$2 billion (about $1.8 billion) by Oct. 4 to make it happen.

The campaign’s funding goals start out at just CA$10 ($9), which gets your name included on a “wall of honor” at a yet-to-be-built campus for space travel research.

You have to hand it to the organizers for really hitting sci-fi geeks in the feels with this description:

Every single individual who contributes to this campaign will effectively be making a contribution to the future of humankind. As such, your name will be included on a permanent monument located on the campus of the future VSLRC which will honour those who have helped bring the far reaches of the universe that much closer.

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