Indiegogo-Success Rufus Cuff Selected to Be Part of the Platform’s Perpetual Crowdfunding Program

This past May, Los Angeles-based Rufus Labs launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its invention, the Rufus Cuff. At the end of the campaign, the product easily surpassed its initial $200,000 goal and raised  $359,463. Now, the project has been announced as one of the selected few to participate in Indiegogo’s perpetual crowdfunding program.

Rufus LabsThe Rufus Cuff is considered an advanced wearable device with a revolutionary new take on wrist “real estate.” The wristband has a 3-inch wide screen, exceptional design, and reimagined form factor.

Key features of the Rufus Cuff include:

– Voice and voice calls: built-in mic, speaker and camera. Users can answer and place voice and video calls right with their connected iPhone or Android smartphone.

– Web: A full web browser that the user can visit websites, watch videos, check the weather, or catch up on the news.

– Fitness: It is equipped with a GPS, Accelerometer, and Gyroscope. The cuff supports most fitness apps like Strava, RunTracker, and Endomodo.

– Messaging and alerts: The user can check messages and reply using a full screen keyboard or dictate using a linked smartphone’s built-in voice support like Siri or Google Now.

rufus-cuff-wrist-communicator-1Earlier this month, Team Rufus took the campaign’s blog and wrote, “Our campaign will be live, meaning that anyone can contribute. Our original ‘Deadline Funding’ goal will always remain on our campaign page. We never could have gotten to where we are without your support!

“All orders placed during our original Deadline Funding period will be unaffected and be delivered FIRST to our earliest supports. Orders placed during this new, extended, period of ‘Forever Funding’ will be built in a second Indiegogo Edition production run.”

Also revealing why they decided to sign up for the program, the team shared, “Indiegogo allows us to accept payments via PayPal, which many supporters have asked about and we are currently unable to do on [our website.This allows people to support development of the Rufus Cuff with contributions in exchange for an ‘Indiegogo Edition’ Rufus Cuffs.”

In regard to early and new backer perks, they revealed, “Previous Indiegogo supports can contribute for upgrades, like more storage and optional bands, to their existing order. Stretch goals are still in effect and we’ve added a couple more on our campaign page.

“Anyone who PREVIOUSLY ordered on Indiegogo AND all new orders on Indiegogo during Forever Funding will benefit from stretch goals (this means if you already ordered during our campaign during Deadline Funding and we hit new stretch goals – we will make sure you get the benefit of those stretch goals as well as the newcomers).

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